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Helping Accelerators and Corporate Startup Programs Succeed

90% of Accelerators and Incubators and 60% of corporate accelerators (startup programs) fail. This is primarily because they lack the experience and knowledge to lead startups and provide them with the proper structure to ensure they succeed. The Siinda for Startups increases your chances of success.

Selecting the right startups to work with is the most critical decision any investor or accelerator program makes. The Siinda for Startups significantly impacts startup selection through standardized outputs from education and validation. Our program teaches and supports critical methodologies and frameworks designed to support founders’ success. Our program gives you full access to all European markets.

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Siinda for Startups package includes:

  • E-learning and platform access for your founders
  • Managed access to founders with a communication tool, progress overview, and connection to mentors
  • Screening process
  • 5 free tickets to Siinda Startup Sessions per year
  • Networking Introductions
  • Access to all European markets

Standardize processes

Ease your screening process

De-risk your investment

What is Siinda for Startups doing?

Education / Experience Gap

We help founders avoid common mistakes. Self-guided education (24+ high-quality courses) teaches founders about the ecosystem, marketing dynamics, ideal customer profiles, validation, and more. These courses are tested and ready to start creating value for your founders today.

Helping you with Selection

As an incubator, accelerator or an enterprise with a startup support program, you must select the founders and startups that will create and capture value. The quality of the startups selected is the leading KPI to the internal rate of return. The Siinda for Startups leads to better selection because of standardized outputs from the education and custom scoring to match your thesis.

Upon completion of the StartUpScience.io/Siinda Course Program, each founder and/or Startup will receive an official certification issued by Siinda Institute and StartUpScience.io. For Incubators, Accelerators, and Corporate Programs, you will receive a certified partner certification, and when your founders and startups complete the program, they will receive certification.

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