Welcome to the Siinda Institute

The Siinda Institute is a part of Siinda that specializes in providing services, master classes and certifications for its members. Below you can find more details related to our current offer.

Current Offer

As of April 1, 2020, Siinda is providing certified leadership and sales assessments through the Myers-Briggs and Hogan Assessments. These assessments are conducted by a certified MBTI and Hogan facilitator and are offered to help our members improve and develop their work-force. Company packages are available now.  Some members will be eligible for special pricing for their employees in 2021 based on their membership level.  Direct test costs and a written report fee will apply. The assessments are in cooperation with General Manager, Kimberli Lewis, Forbes Coaches Council.

When the tools change, the strategies must change too. Our advisors help companies navigate the transition from offline to online through:

  •  Product development and selection
  • Pricing & Bundling strategies
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Sales Strategy and Training
  • Business plan modeling

The process of digital transformation is not a one-off.  With new tools and more automation every day, it is important to stay current on the latest strategies. Bringing in an outside advisor that has digital transition experience can speed up the process while giving the stakeholders a neutral point of view.

Siinda has been at the forefront of industry during this transition period and we understand the best practices in the industry. We can help you transform, speed up, and benchmark your success or just give you an outside natural assessment of how you are doing in comparison to the rest of the world.

EU Market Entry

The key to a successful and sustainable entry in the European market is understanding the local market environment, potential competitors, potential customers as well as cultural and regulatory challenges and opportunities.

Our group of highly skilled international advisors know the European market and have direct experience in a number of EU member states.

Our Approach

  • In-depth market analysis to understand the market’s potential and challenges  Evaluation process identifying long-term business goals
  • Definition and development of tailored business strategy
  •  Go-to-market Plan defining all critical success factors to make the market entry successful
  • Follow-up and Monitoring

US Market Entry

Although Siinda’s specialty is the EU, we also have top advisors that will help EU companies enter the American Market. Our advisors understand how to set up companies and trade with the United States and what is necessary to do business there.

Consulting Services – EU Legislation and Policies

There are many storms gathering in Brussels around online tracking, data protection, e-commerce, the single digital market and much more. Some of these storms may break the European media market, depriving companies of important and growing revenue streams, limiting their access to data or limiting the usage of data. It is very difficult for companies not only to keep up with these changes but also to understand them and implement them into their organizations and processes. The team at Siinda are experts in European Legislation and Affairs and our consultants can help you understand what is going on and how to implement requirements into your organization.

Focus Areas

  • GDRP
  • Data Protection
  • E-Commerce
  • Advertising
  • Digital Single Market
  • Electronic communications
  • Consumer protection

Our Services

  • GDRP Compliance
    • Compliance Audit
    • Compliance Implementation Support

  • Monitoring Services and Snapshot Briefings

  • Briefing or issue papers on:
    • The policy cycle
    • The actors involved
    • The key features
    • The sector impact assessment
    • The proposed policy action plan

  • Impact Assessment Reports
    • Impact assessment on legal issues
    • Can be coupled with market analysis
    • Compliance assessment help

  • Practical Usage and Implementation of EU Policies
    • How to deal with the impact of legal issues in your company
    • Access to data
    • Compliance implementation

  • Webinars and Tutorials
    • Tutorials on general EU approaches or on a precise issue
    • Training and information workshops for your employees
    • Company briefings or internal webinar proposals on regulatory issues

90% of startups fail within 5 years, this is why entrepreneur Greg Shepard developed a formula for both start-ups and lifestyle companies that helps guide them along their business journey. It helps businesses, existing or start-ups, to successfully reach stability and/or profitability.

The Boss Science program for entrepreneurs and lifestyle business owners helps foster growth and success. It is composed of learning components developed from real-life experience and situations that answer critical questions such as how to develop an exit strategy, how to find the ideal customer profile, or how to put together the right management team. It guides entrepreneurs and businesses every step of the way.

The program is offered through The Siinda Institute with the support of Greg Shepard and his team. Greg’s success has garnered the attention of entrepreneurs and investors around the world, and he is passionate about utilizing his talents and acquired skills for the betterment of society.

If you would like to purchase any of the above services, please reach out for an overview of our prices and more details related to the service(s).