SMEs and Access to finance policies

Siinda closely monitors the EU  and global regulatory landscape related to digital and search and substantiate research and papers to drive digital growth. Siinda thrives on promoting an environment which

  • enables better cross-border data flows in  compliant and data protective respectful ways
  • promotes digitalisation of entreprises and public sector bodies
  • drives growth and sustainability in martech, media and advertising
  • boosts SMBs access to digitalisation and finance to help them grow


SME Strategy of the EU

With the SME strategy for a sustainable and digital Europe, the European Commission wants to support and empower SMEs of all sizes and sectors, from innovative tech start-ups to traditional crafts.

Digital Finance

New financial technologies can facilitate access to financial services and improve the efficiency of the financial system. Open finance proposal aims at establishing a framework for responsible access to individual and business customer data across a wide range of financial services.

SMEs Access to Finance

Europe’s 25 million SMEs represent over 99% of businesses in the EU. They employ two out of every three employees, create 85% of all new jobs and generate about three-fifth of the EU value-added. Tailor-made support to help them grow and innovate is essential. At all stages of development, small businesses struggle more than large enterprises to get finance. To stay competitive, both start-ups and scale-ups rely on external finance for innovation, digitalisation, internationalisation and upskilling.