Who is Siinda?

Siinda is only as good as its people. Meet our board members, and the Siinda team that works behind the scenes, planning and executing events, developing research and bringing people together.

Who we are

Siinda is the leading European based non-profit association bringing together agencies, brands, media and technology companies in the local search, digital advertising, media, mobile and “on demand” industry sectors. We foster partnerships through our extensive members network, containing many of the most prominent media outlets in Europe and globally.


Forbes Agency Council

Official Member since 2020


Providing members with market research and the latest trends relevant to the industry.


Providing members various platforms for networking.

Forward Thinking

Fostering innovation both inside and outside our membership circles.


Supporting member interests across all sectors.

Become a member

Find the membership that is right for you and your business. We offer a variety of membership packages, each with their own exclusive access and benefits. Browse below to see which one suits you best.

Siinda Institute Membership

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Basic Membership

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Start-up Single Membership

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Start-up Bronze Membership

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"Siinda brings together European players in the digital ecosystem and promotes emulation between its members."

Maxime Duclaux, Deputy Secretary General at Solocal


Interested in becoming a Siinda Partner?

Become a Partner

Siinda is always working on finding innovative ways in which to promote and activate our partners’ brands. If you are interested in a partnership  then please reach out to us so we can tailor your partnership plan to fit your needs.

Our Members

Meet our extensive network of Siinda members and affiliated associations. From legacy companies, to start-ups, we welcome all companies who are interested and want to expand their reach through the Siinda Network.

Siinda Awards

Digital Marketing & Innovation

Every year, at the Siinda Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards, we bring together a panel of judges who evaluate different digital products/solutions submitted by our member companies (and now non-member companies too), across various categories. They then pick the most innovative, resourceful and impactful solutions. Interested in submitting something? 

Photo Gallery

Siinda events and initiatives

Have a look at our gallery to get a feel for the conferences that we put together, the locations we visit, the speakers we invite and the activities our members get involved in. 

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