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for sole entrepreneurs
Webinars – Free
Hosting one webinar per year
Webinars – Free when Live
Newsletter & news weekly
Newsletter contribution
Blog Contribution
Networking Introductions
White Papers from Partner Associations
Landscape Survey Market Research Access
Landscape Survey Results consolidated
Landscape Survey Trends
Market Research White Paper
Market Research Survey Trends
Market Research Survey Results
Tech Adoption Survey White Paper
Tech Adoption Survey Trends
Tech Adoption Survey Results
E-Privacy and Legislative White Papers
Worldwide Conference Discounts
Use of Siinda logo on website/marketing materials
Siinda Industry Excellence Awards
Up to 3 subsidiaries free-each addition €500.00
Engagement Gifts and Giveaways
Advisory Services Free
Advisory Services Discounted
AME/Africa Siinda Membership
EU Digital Legislative Working Group
EU Legislative Position Papers
EU Digital Legislative Updates
Landscape Survey Market Research Discounts
Discounted tickets for Extra Persons
Tech Adoption Survey customized questions
Siinda Conferences/Events Tickets yearly
Siinda Discounted Conference Tickets
Siinda Certification
Awards Entries discount
Boss Science learning tool access
Additional access to Boss Science learning tool (one additional user)
Number of participants for non-paid membership category roundtables in your membership category
Discount on Live Worshops
Discounts on paid Virtual events
Subsidiary ( up to three)
Additional Subsidiary






 Up to 2

 Up to 3

 Up to 4
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Membership validity & regulations

Membership is valid from January 1st of each year to December 31st of the same year.

Membership is invoiced annually.

Siinda has not to issue membership contracts, the membership is valid according to Swiss Law with the application and payment of the first invoice. The membership level is valid for the membership year and cannot be changed during the year.

Should a member like to change membership categories then the request must be submitted to the General Manager in writing no later than December 1st of the current membership year in order to be valid for the following membership year.

By paying the membership for the current. Year you agree to these terms and conditions.

Termination notices must be received in written form no later than December 1st of the current year in order to terminate for the following membership year.

Terminations received before December 1st of the current year will be effective immediately for the following membership year. Termination notices received after December 1st of the current year, are not valid and membership remains valid for the next calendar year.

Membership rules also apply to companies that have entered into membership partner packages. Should the company not want to remain in the membership level that was part of a partnership package, then notice of termination rules remain the same as if there was no partnership package and must be given not later than December 1st of the current membership year and will be effective the following membership year.

Partner packages and unused Live Tickets do not  carry over into the following membership year.  

A change in the company name or a merger or acquisition does not terminate membership without written notice of termination.

Membership fees are due within 30 days after receipt of the invoice. Invoices exceeding these 30 days are subject to late charges.

For those members with conferences included in their membership packages, there is a discounted price for additional conference participants above the membership conference. These discounts cannot be passed on to 3rd party companies or individuals. The discounts are only allowed to be used for participants within the member company or for those members with group membership, within the group company. All membership fees must be paid in full before receiving any conference discounts or conference attendance or other Siinda Services and access to the Member Section of the website.

Partnership Packages validity & regulations

Partnerships are valid for either a calendar year or for a specific conference, event or Siinda product (example: market research, white papers)

Partnerships are not transferable or refundable.

Partnerships for Live events are covered by the force majeure laws of the country in which the event will take place. Should an event be postponed or cancelled due to a governmental order of force majeure, or should it not be able to take place due to governmental force majeure enforcement, Siinda will make every attempt to negotiation with the event location and carry-over the direct costs for the live event. This does not include marketing, virtual program and administrative costs.

In the case of no force majeure enforcement partnerships may not be carried over to the next event or the next calendar year. Force majeure relates only to live events.

Partnerships compose of various components including virtual events, podcasts, webinars, speaking slots and ticket components. It is up to the partner to use these components during the partnership period. If the components are not used during the designated partnership period (either in the calendar year or withing 3 months of the event) they cannot be carried over to the next calendar year or the next event.  They are also not eligible for refund.

Siinda will make every effort to ensure the partner has every opportunity to take advantage of all the components of their partnership contract.

Siinda will ensure it meets all marketing requirements in the partnership contract.

In the case of a cooperative Live Event with another organization or association, Siinda is not responsible for the cooperation partners obligations outlined in the partnership agreement.

For additional questions please contact