Siinda’s Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards 2024

Our yearly awards are given to companies whose solutions and tools have proven to help customers innovate and build their digital marketing presence in order to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the online world.


Every year, Siinda hosts this event at its Live conferences. Siinda’s Digital Marketing and Innovation Awards are given to companies that have achieved outstanding results with their products or services, have proven to be innovative, are customer-oriented, and have led to enhanced user experience.

Due to high demand, Siinda opened a new category that gives companies outside the Siinda network the opportunity to get their solutions and products analyzed and benchmarked by industry professionals.

Products & Services that were submitted in 2023 and won Platinum awards must have a significant product upgrade or change to qualify again.

Entries must be submitted by February 15th, 2024. There will be no exceptions to this deadline.

Award Ceremony May 13, 2024, Berlin


Any kind of digital innovation technology supporting SMBs or agencies in social media marketing, local search, online branding, influencer marketing, lead generation, and more, may be entered into this open category. 

Any innovative solution that leverages AI technologies to boost SMB performance or support agencies in any way. Solutions can be apps, software, cloud-based solutions, integrations, etc. Solutions can be add-ons or updates to already existing solutions.

Technologies, software or cloud-based solutions that help brands, agencies or media companies collect, analyze and/or take action on location data and contribute Lead Generation.

Any mobile product, mobile ads, mobile tools, integration with mobile apps and mobile targeting that helps to enhance the user experience and promotes transactions between users and advertisers.

Solutions that automate the sales processes with innovative ways to support sales process.

This award recognizes an indiviual who has contributed to the industry’s development and the development of Siinda as an association, by helping Siinda move forward, grow and be successful.

This could be a continuous contribution to the industry and to Siinda over many years or a one-time project that has helped Siinda become a leader in non-profit associations in digital.

This award is for an invidiviual that has contributed to the growth of the industry and the growth of Siinda over the span of their career in the industry.  Individuals must be participating and contributing to the industry for a minimum of a 20 year career in the industry and be a member of Siinda since its founding in 2012.

This category is open to non-members, who have not been a member with Siinda over the last 3 years and who have never attended or participated in Siinda Conferences.  

Digital Innovation and SMB Support:

Any kind of digital innovation technology for social media marketing, local search, online branding, influencer marketing, lead generation and more may be entered in this open category.  The innovation must support SMB’s or Brands and have an impact on their performance. Programs and technology leveraging AI technologies will be specifically considered.

Siinda Awards Judges 2024

Greg Sterling

Greg Sterling

Co-Founder of Near Media
Cindi aldrich

Cindi Aldrich

ADP President and CEO

Azim Tejani

Chief Executive Officer at YaSabe
Olaf Tonner headshot image

Olaf H. Tonner

CEO verschiedener Unternehmen der Dumrath & Fassnacht Gruppe seit 1989
Peter Villa

Peter Villa

Industry Expert Private Equity | Advisor Startups


Total price will be calculated based on the number of entries submitted.


First submission – 199€
Additional submission – 125€
Joint submission (submitted jointly by two companies) – 250€


First submission – 1,000€
Additional submission – 500€


Please submit your application via the form below. If you wish to send additional materials by post, please send these to:

Kimberli Lewis
Global Business therapy s.r.o.
Prague Stock Exchange Building
Rybna 682/14
100 05 Prague, Czech Republic

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