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90% of startups fail within 5 years, this is why entrepreneur Greg Shepard developed a formula for both start-ups and lifestyle companies that helps guide them along their business journey. It helps businesses, existing or start-ups, to successfully reach stability and/or profitability.

The Startup Science program for entrepreneurs and lifestyle business owners helps foster growth and success. It is composed of learning components developed from real-life experience and situations that answer critical questions such as how to develop an exit strategy, how to find the ideal customer profile, or how to put together the right management team. It guides entrepreneurs and businesses every step of the way.

The program is offered through The Siinda Institue with the support of Greg Shepard and his team. Greg’s success has garnered the attention of entrepreneurs and investors around the world, and he is passionate about utilizing his talents and acquired skills for the betterment of society.

Greg has acted as a chairman for congressional candidates and is a dedicated philanthropist for science, human rights, special needs children, and environmental causes. Greg coined the phrase “altruistic capitalism” in a Forbes article published in 2019 which is the belief that you can use the advantages of capitalism for altruistic purposes.

Who is Greg Shepard?

Meet the Founder of

Greg Shepard

CEO, Boss Capital Partners

Greg is a 20-year startup veteran and serial entrepreneur with 14 liquidity events under his belt, two of which were sold as part of a $925M transaction that won 4 PE awards for transactions between $250M-$1B. A ForbesBooks author who has written over 100 articles published in 25 national and international publications. A TEDx speaker and keynote speaker for universities, associations and conferences worldwide. He is the Host of “A Forbes” Radio Show and has been featured as a guest on over 25 popular podcasts as well as numerous network TV and radio shows. Greg founded BOSS Capital Partners, a global syndicate for investing in tech startups worldwide. Greg сo-Founded Startup Science, the learning center based on Greg’s Business Operating Support System (BOSS), an open-source methodology developed to empower entrepreneurs while increasing startup success rate.

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