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Lisbon, Portugal

Siinda Lisbon Conference 2019

The conference focused on three major themes:  Customer acquisition and growth, Customer Relations and Retention

London, England

Siinda Localcomm London 2019

The conference featured Top Speakers from Go Daddy, Google, Microsoft, Solocal, Italian Online, Eniro, Special

Dubai, UAE

Siinda Localcomm Dubai 2019

Our conference began with an exclusive networking event 442 Meters above the ground on level

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Siinda Dubrovnik conference 2018

The major theme of the event was Location and Personalisation to Enhance the Search and

London, England

Siinda Localcomm London 2018

Third year Siinda Spring conference was held again in Hilton Paddington London, which all attendees

Valencia, Spain

Siinda Localreach Valencia Conference 2017

Sessions focused on new technology and market developments such as SMBs, the Cloud & What

London, England

Siinda Localcomm London Conference 2017

Held over 3 days, the Localcomm conference 2017 features 2 days of session on local

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Siinda Localreach Ljubljana Conference

Held in the wonderful Slovenian city of Ljubljana, this event showed once again that Siinda

London, England

Siinda Localcomm London Conference 2016

In partnership with Streetfight US, this event was the first of a series of Localcomm

Prague, Czech Republic

Siinda Prague Conference

One of the first of Siinda’s top level conferences which main theme was On-demand meets