Why Emotional and Social Intelligence in Leadership is Important


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In business and life, we sometimes have the inability to fully understand and tackle human emotions, impacting our behavior, especially in business. As leaders, we should exemplify the kind of behavior we want in our organizations, and without both emotional & social intelligence, we cannot do that. We need both emotional and social intelligence to make decisions, manage stress and set examples for others. We need to know and understand our own emotional state to impactfully lead others. In this episode, we speak with an expert who helps us understand what emotional and social intelligence is and its impact on leadership.

Speaker Information:

Robin Hills is the director of Ei4Change, a company specializing in educational training, coaching and personal development focused on emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and neuroscience. He has taught over 250,000+ people in 185 countries how to build resilience, increased self-awareness and understanding of others. His educational programs on resilience and emotional intelligence cover the most comprehensive and detailed education of any emotional intelligence organization and are today used in educational establishments in South Africa and India. Robin is also the author of 2 books, The Authority Guide to Behavior- How to inspire others and build successful relationships & The Authority Guide to Emotional Resilience in Business: Strategies to Manage Stress and Weather Storms in the Workplace. Through his work he has developed the experiential coaching methodology, Images of Resilience, to support conversations around resilience. He has delivered key-note speeches at conferences across the world including at Harvard University and sits on the North West Committee of the Association of Business Psychology.