Why companies should view complaints as gifts


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As a consumer, if a product or service does not meet our expectations, we usually consider whether we should complain or not. Half the time, we do not because complaining can be exhausting as a customer, and sometimes you do not get any results. But on the other hand, if something is wrong, we should inform the company. Companies can only improve if they hear from their customers, right? But many companies do not want to hear complaints. Many companies do not understand that complaints may help them improve. Our guest in this episode is an expert on customer service and complaints, allowing companies to see complaints as gifts.

Speaker Information:

Janelle Barlow, PhD, is an award-winning speaker, trainer, consultant, and author who translates research into practical tools to improve customer service and complaint handling. She has recently released the third edition of her bestseller (more than 275,000 copies sold), A Complaint Is a Gift: How to Learn from Critical Feedback and Recover Customer Loyalty. Janelle Barlow offers essential tools for treating each customer complaint as a source for transforming businesses. She works with Customer Service Representatives, managers, and entire companies nationally and internationally to help them recover and retain customer loyalty.