What Privacy Legislation can we expect in 2022?


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Behaviors show that people don’t alter privacy settings online, they don’t complain when their phone numbers are asked for and they certainly don’t insist on encrypted e-mail. As we were propelled into a completely digital world in 2020, the issue of privacy became even more apparent. Tracking and tracing, made us question data protection, and we revisited everything. The year 2022 will prove to be a big year in protection, data, and digital services. The EU moving to regulate AI with prohibited, high risk and low risk categories. There will be changes in with the Digital Market Act and Digital Services Act that are made to give businesses a fairer playing field and consumers more transparency. Globally, even countries like China are putting in privacy policies similar to GDPR. So where are we headed? In this episode, what kind of privacy legislation is on the horizon for 2022. We speak with an expert who is following the trends in digital sector and regulations in the EU and worldwide.

Speaker Information:

Stephanie Verilhac is the European Affairs Manager for SIINDA, the Digital Marketing and Local Search Association of Europe. She is the owner of SVM Consult in France. She has 20 years experience in European affairs. She has worked at the European Parliament in the Secretariat service of the EPP and was rewarded the Francois Fontaine prize for her work on the EU opening to the Visegrad countries. Today, she works with companies and institutions helping them understand and implement policies a procedure that meets European guideline especially in data protection and privacy