What consumers want and what SMBs need to pay attention to!


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As 2022 ends, it is time to take stock of what matters to businesses and consumers. What matters today in December 2022 differs from what mattered to us in January of this year. For example, in January, consumers were looking forward to finally “getting out of the house”, and SMBs worldwide were thinking about when I could let my customers back in. Today in December, we are living the new normal with a hybrid consumer society that is online and in person. Today it’s not about how I shop; it is about Where I can get the best prices. With inflation and energy costs, we have changed our focus as consumers, SMBs, and enterprises must change their approach. They are all fighting for that one Euro or one Dollar from the same consumer. So, what do SMBs, and Brands need to do to ensure they are the ones walking away with the spend? In this episode, we talk about how your company cab stays competitive and ahead of your competitors.

Speaker Information:

Dhanush Paul, Head of Business Development at rankingCoach. rankingCoach is a DIY digital marketing suite that enables SMBs to be successful online – even without a large marketing budget or expertise in digital marketing. rankingCoach offers a variety of resellable marketing solutions covering SEO, listings, brand monitoring, Google Ads, and social media marketing. What Dhanush Paul says about himself: “I am a well-rounded Sales & Business Development professional, with a positive track record of building and leading teams through every step of the sales life cycle to achieve new business goals and client retention, enhance the overall customer service and focus on strategic account growth metrics. I stop at 100% of lemonade stands that I pass by; have to support young entrepreneurs!”