Unleashing the High Performer Within’ with Aaron Salko


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High performers who inspire us all. These driven individuals have a relentless passion for excellence and consistently raise the bar for success. They are the visionaries, the innovators, and the leaders who push boundaries and achieve remarkable results. But how does one become a high performer? What traits and skills separate a high performer from a low or average performer? Aaron Salko has studied high performers and identified what makes a high performer and how to start on the path to high performance.

Speaker Information:

Aaron Salko is the founder and creator of the 9th Stratum. At STRATUM 9, they teach leaders of organizations and their employees how to develop learning habits to be self-sufficient and accountable for improving their performance and realizing their full potential. Aaron Salko is a Sales Management Professional with the innovative solutions-based company, Stephen Gould. He is also the author of the new book The 9th Stratum: Your Guide to High Performance. Salko has a demonstrated history of talent development, innovation, creativity, and organizational growth. For more than two decades, he has focused on human performance in both career and life in a highly competitive, entrepreneurial-based, global sales environment, with an intense concentration on exploring how the science and mechanisms of human behavior, psychology, social interaction, and human physiology apply to performance. His life’s desire is to help individuals attain their highest levels of performance to achieve success in their career and find purpose and fulfillment in life.