Understanding Organizations – unraveling their complexity


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Why do most businesses make their organizations so complex? According to a new study by The Economist Intelligence Unit, 55 percent of all surveyed organizations would call their operational structure “very” or “extremely” complicated. Only 1 percent – around three of the 331 executive respondents – believed their business was “not complex at all.” So why do we do this to ourselves, and is there an easier way to do business? In this episode, we speak with an expert on organizational structures and try to dissect why they are like they are and how we can simplify them.

Speaker Information:

Henry Mintzberg, the author or co-author of 21 books. His latest book is Understanding Organizations…Finally! – Structuring in Sevens. Henry Mintzberg is Cleghorn Professor of Management Studies at McGill University in Montreal, the winner of awards from the most prestigious practitioners and academic institutions in management (from the Harvard Business Review to the Academy of Management), and the recipient of 21 honorary degrees worldwide. He is the co-founder and remains active in the international master’s Program for Managers and the International Master’s for Health Leadership as well as venture Coaching; we all have novel initiatives for managers to learn together from their own experience, the last in their workplace.