The outdated advertising agency model: What is it, what’s next?


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Fast-moving consumer goods like consumer electrics, the movie industry, and the advertising and marketing industry are today’s most rapidly changing market segments. This means that the companies serving businesses and consumers in these market segments must all endure rapid change, be flexible, and learn new technology. Still, many companies need to catch up because change is difficult. In this episode, we speak with an expert about one of the most rapidly changing industries: advertising. We look at what has happened over the last few years and the industry’s future.

Speaker Information:

Jacqueline Cook Vendasta’s Chief Operating Officer. At Vendasta, the core purpose is to drive local economies by democratizing technology for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). They accomplish this by providing a robust platform to local experts around the world—their channel partners. Jacqueline helps shape Vendasta’s long-term strategy and works to align the culture, organizational design, company metrics, and overall operations toward those long-term objectives. She is responsible for the company’s revenue growth and customer-facing Channel Partner division, which encompasses demand generation, sales, customer success, account management, support, and retention, and the brilliant people within who take Vendasta’s platform and marketplace of solutions to market. She also leads Vendasta’s product-led growth strategy which is driven by five cross-functional product/growth teams. Jacqueline joined Vendasta in late 2013 to develop Vendasta’s early partnership strategies. In 2021, she received Canada’s Top 40 under 40 award.