The connection between positive influence and great leadership


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Many people influence us, and we influence many people, but what is influence, and how does it differ from power? Power is more your ability to impose your will or thoughts on others, while influence is the ability to affect behavior and benefits. In leadership, influence can get you much further than power; positive influence can significantly impact outcomes. This episode explores the positive influence and its correlation with outstanding leadership.

Speaker Information:

Brian Smith, PHD, is the founder and senior managing partner of IA Business Advisors, a management consulting firm that has worked with over 19,000 CEOs, entrepreneurs, managers, and employees worldwide. IA Business Advisors has a passion for seeing small businesses succeed. When the Great Recession hit in 2008, they worked with struggling businesses challenged to afford vital consulting services. This sparked one of our most popular services, which they still offer to this day: Over-Your-Shoulder Advising. Together with his daughter, Mary Griffin, he has authored his latest book in the “I” in Team series, Positive Influence – Be the “I” in Team (Made for Success Publishing, April 4, 2023), which shares how to become our best selves with everyone we influence.