The Art of Feminine Negotiation with author Cindy Watson


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In 2018, an experiment was conducted by four female educators and psychologists that tested a group of adolescent girls in Zambia on their ability to negotiate. After the initial test, the educators put the girls through six two-hour after-school sessions, where the eighth-grade girls engaged in discussion, role-playing, storytelling, and gameplay to learn four negotiation principles from Zambia educators. The results documented were that all the girls could improve their skills and better represent themselves in discussions and negotiations. Why was this experiment meaningful? Regardless of where it took place, it showed that given the proper support and tools, women can improve their negotiation skills and overcome some stereotypes women face when stepping up to the negotiation table. In this episode, we discuss the art of feminine negotiation and how women can profoundly impact any negotiation.

Speaker Information:

CINDY WATSON the founder of Women on Purpose and creator of: Art of Feminine Negotiation™ and HERsuasion™ programs. The founder and managing partner of Watson Palmer Law, Watson has specialized in social justice law for 30 years. She is a TEDx international speaker, award-winning author, master negotiator, and consultant known for her passion, commitment, and ability to inspire. As a world-class women’s empowerment coach, Watson has a proven track record of motivating women to negotiate their best life. Her new book, The Art of Feminine Negotiation: How to Get What You Want from the Boardroom to the Bedroom, is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller. As an attorney, she broke down barriers, fighting to further women’s rights, secure pay equity, break glass ceilings and to end discrimination. As a coach, she empowers women to unleash their feminine power and become the best version of themselves. Cindy inspires her clients to dig deep to rediscover their true purpose and take charge of their lives again.