Speed – The king of core web vitals – why you need to get it right


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In May 2020, just as SMBs worldwide struggled to get their businesses online because of the pandemic, Google introduced core web vitals. In addition, Google informed businesses that these vitals would soon be ranking signals worldwide. In other words, if a business did not get this right, their ranking would be affected. Finally, in August 2021, Google fully rolled out Core Web Vitals as a Google ranking factor. So we are now in April 2022, 6 months later, and what are we experiencing? Do businesses understand core web vitals and which vital is the most critical for ranking? Our expert in this episode comes to form one of the world’s leading website builders for SMBs and Enterprises. He talks to us about what he believes is the most critical core web vital companies need to pay attention to and how they can do that. In addition, he talks to us about how focusing on this web core vitals can improve ranking and conversions.

Speaker Information:

Russell Jeffery is Duda’s Director of Platform and Product Strategy and leads product and technology integrations and partnerships. Russ also heads up Duda’s App Store and is responsible for adding best-in-breed products and services to Duda’s ecosystem. He lead integrations with enterprise partners. He holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Oregon and has deep experience with and passion for nearly anything related to the web, ranging from SEO to Web Design to Technical Web Standards. Duda is a professional website builder trusted by over 18,000 agencies and SaaS partners. Duda’s mission is to make web design quick, easy, scalable, and painless. It’s the leading web design platform for web professionals, agencies, and SaaS platforms who serve SMBs. Since launching in 2010, one million sites have been published on the white-label Duda platform. Duda has raised more than $100 million in funding to date.