SMEs-Improving Performance through an effective App Strategy


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In 2010, Tech magazine reported the boom of the App culture. Today it is not a culture but a way of life, but it is not only for end-users or B2C and B2B situations. B2B mobile apps make work management and tracking easy and allow a platform where many people and departments can collaborate. So, it is not just about the end-user consumer today; it is about business. Although when we say the word App what pops into our minds are music, fitness, photos, and social media, and not business apps; they are essential to businesses of all sizes and can significantly help small and medium enterprises operate more efficiently. In this episode, we talk about digital trends and the importance of apps for businesses of all sizes.

Speaker Information:

Russ Jeffery is the Director of Product Platform and Product Strategy and leads product integrations at Duda. Duda’s mission is to make web design quick, easy, scalable, and painless. It’s the leading web design platform for web professionals, agencies, and SaaS platforms that serve SMBs. Since launching in 2010, one million sites have been published on the white-label Duda platform, and over 20,000 web professionals trust it enough to put their own name on it. Duda has raised more than $100 million in funding to date. Russ holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Oregon and has deep experience with and passion for nearly anything related to the web, ranging from SEO to Web Design to Technical Web Standards.