Revolutionizing Leadership in the Cloud Era


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The adoption of cloud services has significantly impacted today’s leadership as cloud computing has changed how organizations conduct business operations, communicate, and collaborate. The maturity of an organization to adopt cloud and transformational solutions commonly depends on the leadership style and the full support of C-level executives, directors, and senior leaders. Adopting cloud computing can accelerate IT modernization, and business leaders must seriously evaluate the technology that can help them accelerate the required transformation. But it also means that to accomplish this, leaders today must handle, communicate, and manage differently than they did in the past. This episode discusses effective leadership within the rapidly moving technology field.

Speaker Information:

Claire Milligan, CEO of the startup Aimably, the new approach to AWS ( Amazon Web Services ) cost management guaranteed to delight any accountant. AWS billing creates a blind spot that hurts businesses. AWS costs are typically the second largest line item for a technology business. AWS’s standard invoices and developer tools make it extremely difficult to validate billing or keep spending under control. Aimably’s software and services transform the AWS billing experience. Whether she’s helping businesses transform their cloud spending or hitting the slopes as a ski patroller, Claire Milligan thrives on distilling complex problems down to their core issues — and turning these pragmatic findings into groundbreaking solutions. Through a journey spanning marketing, UX, and leadership roles at tech companies like Tallie and SpringAhead, she’s meticulously constructed a diverse skill set built upon hands-on expertise and an unrelenting thirst for knowledge.