Reshaping Digital Advertising – Trends and Predictions


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Debriefing is essential for identifying errors, reviewing trends, improving communication, reviewing performance, and providing data to help predict future performance, change, and expectations. It also helps form strategies and operations for the future. In this episode, we will debrief the digital advertising industry, look at 2022, and discuss emerging trends in 2023. We look at how we can predict the future by examining the trends that will help reshape the advertising reseller industry.

Speaker Information:

Catalina Bresser is the Vice President of EMEA at MatchCraft. MatchCraft provides a best-in-class advertising platform that enables companies to successfully sell and manage search, display, and social campaigns for their advertisers. Unlike other advertising technology platforms, MatchCraft’s platform advantage helps organizations efficiently manage campaigns of all sizes, enabling clients to deliver results to their advertisers. MatchCraft’s sophisticated real-time bidding algorithms, and a team of digital marketing enthusiasts, work relentlessly to deliver exceptional ROI for merchants worldwide. MatchCraft is a fully remote company with team members across the US, Europe, Mexico, South America, and India. For more than nine years, Catalina has been at the helm of MatchCraft’s European client relations team. Newly appointed to the role of Vice President of EMEA, Catalina brings tremendous expertise in both digital media and the unique needs of reseller partners. She is passionate about empowering clients to be as successful as possible and has earned the trust and respect of partners across Europe. From her home in The Netherlands, Catalina can often be found biking, hiking or ice skating with her husband and their two children.