Post Pandemic – A look at the web presence of SMB’s across Europe


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When foot traffic stopped in March 2020, Small and Medium Businesses had to become digital. Even though before March 2020, most local businesses had a presence on the web, and they knew that presence was necessary, they recognized that having a poor presence was almost like having no presence at all. But then the pandemic came, and SMBs finally understood their web presence was critical and that they needed to focus on the customer experience and engagement online. With the lockdown in place, it was the only way they could engage with their customers during the lockdown. But what happened to SMB’s online presence after the pandemic propelled them into the future? How do they look now? Are they and continuing to improve as things return to normal? SIINDA, The Search and Information Industry Association of Europe, along with Duda, one of the top leading professional website builders and Insites, a top web intelligence company, decided to conduct a study. They took a look at thousands of SMB’s across Europe to see how their web presence has changed since the pandemic. In this episode, they talk about what they found.

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Itai Sadan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Duda. Under Itai’s leadership, Duda rapidly expanded its professional website builder product suite with an emphasis on empowering web professionals with cutting-edge tools to help them create beautiful conversion-driving websites at scale. His expertise in the online presence and web design space has been cited by USA Today, Forbes, Inc., HuffPost, Search Engine Land, and more. He is a regular speaker at industry events all over the world. Duda’s mission is to make web design quick, easy, scalable, and painless. It’s the leading web design platform for web professionals, agencies, and SaaS platforms who serve SMBs. Since launching in 2010, one million sites have been published on the white-label Duda platform, and over 17,000 web professionals trust it enough to put their own name on it. Duda has raised more than $100 million in funding to date.

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Paul Wood Is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Insites. Paul Wood has been in the Local Search business for nearly 30 years and is an expert in strategic planning, product development and Go-to-Market strategies. His experience covers multiple executive roles across Europe and North America in Sales and Marketing for large and small digital agencies. Insites is a web intelligence company helping marketing agencies, local search companies, newspapers, telcos, and many others sell digital solutions more effectively to Small and Medium Enterprises. Its award-winning solutions scale from sales agents creating individual online presence profiles to bulk profiling markets with hundreds of thousands of businesses.