Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise with Dr. Wanda T. Wallace


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Have you ever thought about why companies have difficulty promoting the right people? Is it that they do not know how to recognize talent and potential? Or are we looking for the wrong things? Our expectations are too high. Do we want leaders to be superheroes who are good at everything? And what about the people that get promoted? How can we better support them, so they succeed? In this episode, we talk about leading in the new economy and what kind of leadership we need.

Speaker Information:

Dr. Wallace is the managing partner of Leadership Forum, who coaches, facilitates, and speaks on improving leadership through better conversations. She hosts the weekly radio show and podcast “Out of the Comfort Zone” and is the author of “You Can’t Know It All: Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise.” The book, published in 2019, presents the coaching model she has developed to address the challenges of transitioning into new leadership roles and how to combine expertise with growing responsibilities. As Managing Partner of Leadership Forum, she helps organizations improve the quality of their conversations. Her radio show and podcast, ‘Out of the Comfort Zone,’ is geared towards developing leadership capability when people lead outside their area of expertise – their comfort zone.