‘Leaders in Lockdown’- The lessons we all have learned since 2020


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If you gathered some of the worlds top CEO’s in one room, what would they say were the lessons they learned from the crisis we have been through over the last 18 months? What would they say about the future? In this episode, we speak with an executive coach/journalist who spoke with CEOs from all over the world to find out what they were thinking and, more importantly, what they were doing!. Interestingly, many of them identified the same challenges and opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic. From the book “Leaders in Lockdown: Inside stories of Covid-19 and the new world of business”, we not only explore what these leaders say, we try to use their messages to pave the way for the future..

Speaker Information:

Atholl Duncan is the author of “Leaders in Lockdown: Inside stories of Covid-19 and the new world of business” available on Amazon. He is an Insead qualified executive coach. He blends his wisdom of having “been there and done it” in a range of board roles with his experience from a decade of coaching CEOs, CFOs and high potential leaders. Atholl is Chairman of three organizations – Black Isle Group, UK Coaching and Scottish Salmon, which represent a one-billion-pound sector of the UK economy. He is former Chairman and non-executive director of the British Horseracing Authority – which runs the UK’s second largest spectator sport. He was a senior executive at the BBC for many years and led the BBC’s coverage of the Lockerbie disaster and the Dunblane shootings. Atholl’s executive education is from Insead, Harvard and Cranfield. He specializes in personal brand building, individual impact and presentation skills. He relishes “speaking truth unto power”.