How reading fiction can make you a better leader!


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A Forbes Leadership article encourages leaders to pick up a novel that will engage and stretch the right side of their brain—the creative, reflective, empathetic side—because the left side of your brain is busy so many hours a day while you work. They say by doing this it can help you be a better leader. But does this work with all fiction or just with certain novels? How can fiction be better than learning from Business Leadership books? The consensus seems to be that a balance between reading fiction and other leadership development can help create stronger leaders. In this episode, we speak with a leadership expert and uncover the secrets behind why reading fiction can help you become a better leader.

Speaker Information:

Melanie Bell is the Co-Founder of Strategic Piece. The company helps B2B businesses generate outstanding revenue growth by bringing together their marketing, sales, and service teams around an information-driven customer experience built on the HubSpot platform. Melanie is an active angel investor and mentors the student accelerator programs at Rice University’s OwlSpark and the University of Houston’s RED Labs. She was also the President of Marketing Interface, a company created in 2014 before Strategic Piece. However, Melanie is not only about marketing; she founded Leaders Who Fiction while operating her marketing strategy and technology consulting firm. At Leaders Who Fiction, Bell is helping people acquire and develop leadership qualities through fiction reading and intellectual, business-oriented conversations centered around a selected novel: “In our world, reading fiction. AND leadership development co-exists.”