How AI is changing the digital media landscape


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Microsoft launches a new AI tool, and Google strikes back. AI bots on social media compete with each other, fighting for prevalent places in our lives. AI touches almost every aspect of our lives, but it is most prevalent in media. From content generation to digital advertising targeting, it learns from how we behave and then tries to influence how we, consumers, behave. It has not only changed the media landscape but also how digital advertising agencies and professions go about their operations. In this episode, we look at how AI is changing the media landscape and how the people behind the scenes are coping with this rapidly evolving technology.

Speaker Information:

Avigayil Lewin is the product director at Duda. Duda’s mission is to make web design quick, easy, scalable, and painless. It’s the leading web design platform for web professionals, agencies, and SaaS platforms that serve SMBs. Since launching in 2010, one million sites have been published on the white-label Duda platform, and over 20,000 web professionals trust it enough to put their name on it. Duda has raised more than $100 million in funding to date. Avigayil Lewin has over seven years of experience in product leadership and a passion for building great products. Avigayil leverages her customer-centric approach and passion for technology to craft strategic solutions that empower users and drive meaningful outcomes for businesses.