Helping Startup Ecosystems Thrive


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Startups are essential because they drive economic growth. They are the source of new jobs, products, and services. They drive innovation and create wealth, and today most founders have spouted from the generation of the millennials, but that is going to change. By 2030, Gen Z will become the world’s most significant demographic economy; studies show that almost two-thirds of that generation want to work for themselves. So, what does this mean? It means startup ecosystems will boom, and new startups will change the world. They will help us to be more productive. This new generation will help develop new products and services that make it easier for us to get our work done. They will create new working methods that make us more efficient. Therefore, we must nurture startup ecosystems today to help them prepare for tomorrow. In this episode, we speak about how we can help these ecosystems grow.

Speaker Information:

Ed Frank the Founder and CEO of Axis Innovation, a Tel Aviv- based open innovation consultancy that focuses on bringing cutting-edge technologies to its clients to create growth, solve problems or invest. Axis Innovation, based in Tel Aviv, is a global innovation consultancy connecting corporations and investors with tech startups via scouting, open innovation challenges, events, and investment banking since its foundation Axis has completed 27 transactions and projects for multinationals such as Ford, Visa and Kimberly Clark seeking to engage with innovation in Israel and Europe. Our mission is to help our partners access cutting-edge innovation and to create new partnerships, investment, and growth opportunities. Axis Innovation is also the host and organizer of conferences in 20 countries that connect entrepreneurs with investors and corporations. Prior to Axis, Ed was CEO of IDT Ventures. With over 20 years of tech experience, Ed has been involved in technology as an entrepreneur, industry expert, investor, and deal maker. Ed has an MBA and BS in Engineering, both from Columbia University.