Fleeing the Ukraine – One families story and the hero that helped


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On 21 of February, started aggression that all of us thought may happen but never really believed would happen. Russia attacked Ukraine, an independent democratic country. In the week following, the world changed, and so did the lives of millions of people. In this episode, we talk with a family that fled Ukraine. They talk about the long, trying 1800-kilometer journey. They talk about the happiness they felt reaching safe ground and the disappointment that they are still not united with their family in the USA. Finally, they speak to us about what we can do to help families like them. We will also hear about a great hero that unselfishly helped them along the journey.

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Speaker Information:

Olga Konarieva is an elementary teacher from the Odessa Region in Ukraine. She is the mother of two young boys Illia age 7 and Daniel 19 months. She is now trying to start a new life for her family after the devastation in her Region.