Exploring the New Wave of Employment Assessments


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Employment and talent Assessments have undergone significant transformations, reflecting a shift towards a more holistic and inclusive approach. In the past, assessments focused primarily on performance metrics, often disregarding essential factors such as employee well-being and potential for growth. However, modern assessments now consider a broader range of skills, including emotional intelligence, adaptability, and collaboration, to evaluate an employee’s capabilities comprehensively. With the advent of technology, assessments have also become more efficient and data-driven, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about promotions based on objective criteria. This episode explores assessments, their development, and what we need today.

Speaker Information:

David Jones is the founder and CEO of Talent Enterprise and the author of his latest book, The Future of Assessments: What You Need to Know Now About Identifying Top Talent in the Age of AI & the Metaverse. Other books by David Jones are the bestselling Unlocking the Paradox of Plenty and the award-winning Game Changers. The Talent Enterprise is a global talent assessment technology company founded in Dubai in 2013 by David Jones, Radhika Punshi, and Gauri Gupta. With a fast-expanding global network of offices and partners, it works with over 250 clients across the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Europe. With over 34 years of human capital experience, 26 of which are in the Middle East, David Jones has worked with clients in over 40 countries on a wide range of talent, leadership, assessment, performance, transformation, innovation, and inclusion projects. He is experienced in using a wide variety of psychometric instruments. David is also experienced in various psychometric instruments and qualifies with the British Psychological Society Occupational Ability and Personality, formerly Level A and B.