Embracing Transformation: Advancing Leaders in 2024


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In 2024, the leadership development landscape is set to undergo a radical transformation. The ever-evolving business environment demands leaders who are agile, resilient, and equipped with a diverse set of skills. Effective executive coaching becomes increasingly critical as industry boundaries dissolve and technologies advance. Forward-thinking organizations recognize that investing in their leaders’ professional growth directly contributes to their success. With its tailored support and guidance, executive coaching is becoming an essential tool to unlock leadership potential. By providing personalized strategies to navigate complex challenges, executive coaching empowers leaders to develop their strengths, address blind spots, and confidently lead. Our guest today has been coaching and helping leaders for over 20 years, has observed the changes in leadership demands, and has helped many leaders transform. This episode discusses the new leadership landscape and how we can help leaders adjust.

Speaker Information:

Lori Mazan is Sounding Board, Inc.’s co-founder, president, and chief coaching officer. She is also the author of the new book Leadership Revolution: The Future of Developing Dynamic Leaders. Sounding Board, Inc. offers a tech-driven, human-centric approach to leadership development. Lori is a distinguished 25-year executive coach who has provided tens of thousands of coaching sessions to top leaders, from Fortune 100 CEOs to venture-backed startup executives. As the go-to leadership development firm for forward-looking companies—including Chevron, Sprint, Citibank, Intellikine, Tapjoy, and 10XGenomics—Mazan and her team develop capabilities that produce immediate, positive business results. Mazan packages these strategies in her new book.