DEI- The key to superior organizational performance


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When executives speak about diversity, you often hear them say, “yes we are good at meeting our targets around diversity”. But diversity is not about numbers; it is about fostering a culture of innovation from a mix of people with different experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds where they can contribute to achieving a common goal. It’s about DEI, which is more than just diversity it’s about equity and inclusion. It is proven that companies that foster DEI outperform companies that do not. But unfortunately, many companies just do not understand the critical components of DEI, and simply miss the mark. In this episode, we speak with an expert that helps organizations lift their performance through fostering diversity, equity and inclusion in their organizations.

Speaker Information:

James T. McKim, PMP, ITIL, is founder and managing partner at Organizational Ignition. Organizational Ignition helps small to medium-sized organizations reach their goals by identify the problems they are facing and cost-effectively remove roadblocks to success. James is a sought-after organizational performance speaker, coach, change manager, frequent conference presenter, author of the best-selling book The Diversity Factor: Igniting Superior Organizational Performance, advisor to governors and legislators, and guest on radio and television shows focusing on the topic of organizational performance through diversity. He has played diverse roles including Developer, Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant, Director, Adjunct Professor, CIO/CTO, and President for organizations such as Digital Equipment Corp, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and FIRST. He has also co-founded several companies ranging from a management consulting firm that specialized in facilitating strategic use of information through both non-human and human means to a provider of asset tracking products & services.