Coping with Change – Tips on how to become more resilient


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Change happens every day, it is a constant and transitions are inevitable, but some of us bare better than others when it comes to change. Many people spend a great deal of time and energy trying to avoid change, but you cannot run away from change, it will catch up with you. Look what happened at the beginning of the panic, that was change that none of us could run away from this kind of change. Some kinds of changes are controllable, and some are not. If you can learn to cope with change, you’ll lower your risk for anxiety and depression, and you will just feel better. At the end of the day no person or situation will stay the same forever. At the minimum, we all change, we all grow older, and we all are forced to open our eyes to new ways of life. It does not matter if it is in your personal life or your professional life you will face change. In this episode we talk about how to better cope with change and how to become more resilient.

Speaker Information:

Dr. Sarah Stebbins is a Certified Professional Coach, an organizational change management consultant, and is Adjunct Faculty at Portland State University in their Center for Executive and Professional Education. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, the Federal Government, colleges and universities, as well as non-profit organizations. Her fundamental belief is employee engagement is the single most critical element for organizational change management success. She focuses on developing conscious leaders, building and strengthening the resilience muscles of individuals and organizations. She is a Resilience Wisdom Coach. Her book is called “From Fire to Water: Moving Through Change: Six Elements for Personal Resiliency.” Her experience whitewater rafting down the Colorado River related directly to her professional work. She discovered that the resiliency she experienced on the river directly correlated to the resilience needed to thrive in rapidly changing organizations.