Broadening digital solutions to support SMBs


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In the face of changing customer demands and hybrid buying behaviors, the SMBs that are pivoting quickly and welcoming new technology are demonstrating higher adaptability and resilience than those SMBs who are slow to embrace change. In layman’s words, the SMBs embracing change are maintaining and growing their customer base, while others need to catch up. The SMBs taking the “digitalize to survive’ mantra to heart are ahead of their colleagues and competitors. But what are these SMB digital leaders doing differently than the SMB digital followers? This episode discusses what SMBs need to do to maintain competitiveness and win new customers and market share.

Speaker Information:

Peter Urmson the CEO of Spotzer Digital. Spotzer Digital provides digital marketing solutions of the highest quality to small and medium businesses, in cooperation with some of the biggest media enterprises around the world. It also delivers digital solutions to mid tier and enterprise customers, including some of the biggest brands in the world. They have established themselves as leaders of the industry and are proudly innovating more and more sectors of it. Peter has rapidly increased the growth of Spotzer Digital by partnering with some of the world’s leading enterprise brands, where Spotzer Digital provides a complete white-label end-to-end solution that includes technology, products, services and sales. With a strong background in managing mid-tier and enterprise businesses, Pete has developed the Spotzer Digital business to address the digital solutions needs of enterprise businesses for their small to medium-sized business clients. Pete has collaborated with multiple international enterprises and medium-sized organizations to launch digital marketing services across Europe, the United States, and Australia. A native of the UK, Pete has lived in Australia and Amsterdam and is passionate about delivering real results for partners and their SMB customers.