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Digital Marketing has become very complicated. Consumers have changed their behavior, Google is constantly polishing their Core Web Vitals, and new media channels are popping up daily. At the same time, we have other trends like stricter personal data restrictions while new technologies are emerging, and AI is becoming more prevalent when it comes to targeting audiences. This makes digital marketing trends hard to keep up for SMB’s and even for brands who dedicated digital marketing teams. But is not hopeless because we have Digital Marketing Agencies who help businesses succeed. The top Digital Marketing companies have forged culture that helps the rest of us understand what is going on in digital marketing. In this episode, we speak with a Digital Marketing Agency that not only understands the trends but has built a unique company culture that supports its clients and helps them swim on top of the Digital Marketing Ocean rather than sink to the bottom.

Speaker Information:

Marc Reifenrath, the co-founder and CEO of Spinutech. Spinutech is an international digital marketing agency which has been named a Google Premier Partner and certified as a Google Marketing Platform Partner, achievements only an elite group of agencies can tout. This means Google recognizes their experience and they are accountable to specific performance standards and advanced, transparent reporting. Spinutech has grown from a University Dorm start-up over 20 years ago to a multinational digital agency with 150+ team members across the U.S. Marc in his capacity, he understands firsthand how critical a company’s culture is to achieve and maintain success. The success to Spinutech’s growth is the team’s commitment to “Get Better Every Day.” This commitment helps drive success and delivering the best for their clients.