Martin Farrugia

Martin Farrugia

COO of Yellow, Malta

COO of Yellow, Malta and seasoned international Business Development Specialist, with Expertise in Sales and Marketing. Experienced in several positions and disciplines including Management, Business Development, Marketing, Sales and Human Resources.

Has worked in a number of continents at the Executive/Management level, in countries such as Argentina, Brazil and all across Europe, marketing and selling to the US, Asia, South America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa.

Has worked in a number of industries including FMCG, Human Resources, IT and Services.

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. Over the past year with the pandemic, we had to switch to online working and to change our lives and organization in some ways. Is there something you tried to do every day?

I do have a routine. Not specifically, let’s say, related to the pandemic situation. I have a dog so in the morning, I have no choice but to wake up or she wakes me up. We do a really good walkthrough Edina, which is a very beautiful medieval city, where I live, and then grab a coffee on the way back, that sets me up for the day.

Q. Did you start some new hobbies or some new activities when you were more in the lockdown situation over the past year?

Yes, I basically went back to my old music days. So, picking up some instruments, you know, you have more time to spend at home. Let’s say with a few friends, So basically I’ve been learning the guitar again.

Q. So what’s your favorite type of music apart from what you play?

I like most music, like a lot of the old school like Rolling Stones, Beatles. So sixties, seventies music really puts me in the mood. I do write my own songs. This really started for me when I was in Brazil, so now I write songs in “Brazilian”, funnily enough, it’s the easiest that comes to me with music. So I have a good thing going at the moment we’re about 12 people now jamming, sometimes on Wednesdays.    

Q. I guess you’ve also had time to do more things than music. Are you also reading a lot? What’s your favorite genre?

I do read a lot, Actually, at the moment, it’s not so much for entertainment, it’s about acquiring knowledge. You know, so, anything specific to the profession, and something that I like, like music or sports. You know, I think books are the best form of knowledge, you can get. So. Definitely. 

Q. We’ve known you in your role at the Malta Yellow pages but you obviously didn’t start there. So what was your first non-desk job? Going back some years ago?

So, actually, my first job was in Argentina. I just graduated from University, and I started working in marketing for the Dial Corporation, a big American company at the time. We sold soap. Yeah, and it was quite an adventure because I was in my early twenties you, my first year in Argentina barely spoke Spanish. You know, I’ve got this job and really made a big imprint on the values. and My, you know, my career and moving forward, and also, You know, South, America is an amazing place to explore, so it was quite way to full time and when I was there. 

Q. So you’ve traveled a lot a got a taste for traveling and other cultures.

I really started traveling, let’s say, heavily when I was 18 years old. Started with four months in the States where there was an exchange program with my university and I ended up staying there. 

Eventually traveled the Americas, and instead of four months, I went back home nine years later. So, this was the first part. When I came back to Malta I said, OK, no more traveling now. And, the job I chose was, again, with a company where I basically was on the plane for seven years I was Sales Director and never stopped traveling again. It is a travel bug, once it catches you, you cant get rid of it. 

Q. Jumping to another subject, having been in Malta 1 or 2 times, Malta has one nice thing:  the food. So, are you cooking yourself and what’s the type of food that you like the most?

Yes, I do cook a lot and this side of the island is quite rich and quality of food and the variety in the past five years, I guess, even more, because of the international community, new restaurants opening from all over the world.   So, there’s quite a variety.  My cooking is really quite traditional, I like Mediterranean Dishes. So, fish, pasta. We’re very passionate about the carbonara dish, and when I say “we” I mean “Yellow”. Yeah, we’ve been exploring the restaurants to find the best carbonara.

Q. What’s the message you would like to give to all the Siinda members and partners that we haven’t had the chance to see each other?

First of all, I’m very looking forward to this. So definitely hope to see you all there. Let us say, I was\ first was introduced to Siinda mostly this year. At the beginning, you know, you are a little apprehensive and don’t understand or know exactly what’s happening, but it’s been very positive. From the first Roundtable we had there was besides meeting a lot of really likable, you know, and interesting people. We connected pretty quickly and got some really good hints on how to go forward with certain things, so very good exchange of how to do things, what happens and what not. Just a very open community. Very easy to talk to, you know, very reliable. 

So my message is, Let’s connect so that we can help each other out.