Kristiina Tukk

Kristiina Tukk

CEO/Partner at Nobel Digital OÜ

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. Do you have a kind of morning routine or daily routine that you do every day? 

Yes, I do something every day and I just thought about it today and then I tried to think every day that I am thankful for the life I have, for the people I’m meeting, and the experience is, I am getting in my daily life because I have been very lucky. And yes, I am thankful every day. 

Q. So, what have you missed the most during the pandemic when everything was in lockdown. 

I was totally overloaded and I think I burned out during the COVID it and I think that most people would say that they miss people but I miss my own time and where I can just the rest and be in the garden or do something where I don’t need to think. So, that is what I missed the most. 

Q. What is your most important hobby, when you have some spare time? 

Actually, I tried something new and I’ll share it nowhere. I didn’t do it alone, but when the COVID started, then we made our first online hackathon and we actually launched our newest startup, and it was a really good experience. We did it together with our team. But it took lots of time because we were meeting like every week, during the weekends to just set up this prototype and then make the new startup. And it’s maybe funny or strange or even sad for somebody but this startup is related to funerals, and it was totally a new topic for us. We learned a lot, and it is still up and running after one year, and we keep going with the new startup. From a personal angle, I bought a new bicycle, a bike. 

Q. About books, do you have a favorite author?

Again, if I need to name one person, then I do name Richard Parrott. He is a leader and it’s a leadership book. But I read his book, I think approximately seven years ago, and I think it changed my life dramatically, and the book is called “New Leadership Paradigm” and I really like him. And I read when he is writing something I always read it. 

Q. Are you listening to a lot of music? And do you have a special type of music that you like? 

I am a choir singer so I get a lot of music and singing. And if you asked a favorite, again it depends on my mod. I liked different types of music.  

Q. What was your first non-desk job? 

I was a waitress; it’s very simple as half of the population.  

Q. If you could have tried another profession, what would you have chosen?  

I’ve always thought that I would like to lead the production company. Then, what I can see that we are producing something and something is coming out from the factory. I would like to experience such kinds of job, I think. But it’s still related to leadership.  

Q. Do you have a favorite meal, our favorite comfort food that you really like? 

I always like seafood. It doesn’t matter, even how it is cooked, but during the corona, I started to like Ossobuco, I don’t know if you know the Italian food Ossobuco. I started to prepare it and I think I did it almost every week and I am dependent Ossobuco now. 

Q. If you could have dinner with anyone, alive or dead, who would you pick?

I will not be original at all I think, but first I’d book my partner because we have the best dinners together always. But the second, maybe I would invite Richard Parrott home whom I like to read. 

Q. What message would you like to give to Siinda partners and members?

My own personal value is one value that is important to me and it is courage. And what does it mean for me, is that I try to do new things all the time. And maybe I even think about the new things doing the new things, even every day. And why do I do that? And if we do, the newer things, we try new issues then, we keep our brain in shape and we have continuous development, personal development.  

So I think it’s very important when we see that we feel comfortable, then the development has stopped. And I wish for Siinda members, please recognize when you feel comfortable because then you’re not developing anymore. That’s my main message.