Sandrine Richard

Sandrine Richard

Director of Ethical affairs and Director of Business Diplomacy

Sandrine Richard was a lawyer at the Paris Bar. On September 1, 2021, she will be taking the position of Director of Ethical affairs and Director of Business Diplomacy with Cristal Group International (a firm specializing in business economic intelligence). She is a graduate student at the Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas. Now, she provides piece of advice for various companies in the public and private sectors and regularly conducts compliance diagnostics and strategic consulting missions for them. She also provides training on the implementation of the Sapin II Law for listed companies and their foreign subsidiaries (Carrying out a mapping of corruption risks in accordance with point 3 of Article 17 of the Sapin II law and the recommendations of the French Anti-corruption Agency, implementation of Due Diligence procedures and control of third parties, etc.) She is an expert and consultant to few international organizations. She participates in important international conferences related to the fight against corruption. She is a certified as an auditor and councel at ETHIC Intelligence (accredited auditor in Washington DC in anti-corruption standards (ISO 37001 and 19600). She is also now member of the working group (CEN/CENELEC) regarding” Guidelines for implementation of Common IPR Policy” ( especially for the part of Metaverse). She has joined AFNOR to work on the new ISO regarding Intelligence Artificial ( ISO standars) and ethics. Finally, she is an Expert and Auditor in Intelligence Economic and protection of firms in the National Institute of High Studies of Security and Justice which was attached to the cabinet of the Prime Minister (INHESJ).


Cristal Group International

Founded in 1997, Cristal Group International is an independent, international firm with a recognized expertise and extensive experience in credit reporting, business and strategic intelligence and cybersecurity. Accordingly, CGI is an active member of several representative bodies of the business intelligence and cybersecurity industry. Our know-how stems from the combination of our teams’ superior skills and of our network of “assets” around the world, coupled with the development of several sets of unique expertise in specific fields such financial investigation, country risk, encrypted telecommunications…).