Simon Greenman

Simon Greenman

Partner at Best Practice AI

Simon Greenman is a partner at Best Practice AI where he advises executives on best practice in AI strategy, implementation, and governance. He is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global AI Council. He has over twenty years of international digital transformation and innovation leadership experience especially in local having co-founded, held Chief Digital Officer roles at Dex Media and European Directories, and CEO of HomeAdvisor Europe. Simon chairs the Harvard Business School Alumni Angels of London, is an AI EIR at Seedcamp and advisor at DN Capital. He holds a MBA from Harvard and a BA in Computing & Artificial Intelligence from the University of Sussex.


Best Practice AI

Best Practice Artificial Intelligence Ltd helps organisations to use AI to build sustainable competitive advantage. Our proprietary research shows over 600 ways in which organisations can deploy AI or Machine Learning (ML) to improve business KPIs.We help organisations identify and deliver the AI tools necessary for this competitive advantage. We are vendor and use case agnostic so we focus on clients’ strategic opportunity rather than pushing specific solutions. We believe that Artificial Intelligence will change the world. But not in the way that the current hype suggests. The change will take longer but will potentially be more profound. We can see the evolutionary opportunities as well as the revolutionary ones. Opportunities are everywhere but the barriers – of data, of expertise, of technology, of understanding - are currently high.