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Hike SEO

Hike is a guided SEO platform specially designed for small businesses. We understand that while organic visibility is vital for growth, many SMEs lack the time to master SEO or the budget to hire external expertise.

Our DIY platform, powered by the latest AI technology, enables anyone to optimize their website and achieve measurable growth. Rather than overwhelming users with mountains of data, Hike translates this information into prioritized, actionable steps, similar to a real-life consultant’s guidance. This hands-on approach empowers users to make the right SEO changes at the right time, resulting in increased web traffic, improved online visibility, and more sales.

Hike’s user-centric and action-driven focus has propelled our growth within the SME market. We’re currently supporting over 13,000 small business users across 70+ countries. Our platform has helped these businesses significantly increase their online visibility, bringing in measurable growth in web traffic and conversions.