Sandy Lohr

Sandy Lohr

CEO of MatchCraft

Sandy Lohr is the CEO of MatchCraft, has extensive business experience, and is passionate about leading the talented team at MatchCraft for nearly five years. MatchCraft is one of the world’s leading digital advertising platforms and has the largest number of clients that are Google Premium Partners. Sandy, aside from being a media specialist, is a thought leader in the industry. Sandy has extensive business experience in several industries and MatchCraft has won Microsoft’s Digital Advertising Partner of the Year for three consecutive years in a row.

Now, meet the B-side!

Q. What is something people may not know about you?

Well, I think that would have to be, rather than all the glitz and glamor that you get to do vacationing and touring with Siinda conferences and our jobs, I just love a simple life. My perfect evening is now sitting on the couch, playing cribbage, sipping on a nice glass of red wine with music in the background. I like having my dog, my kids, my grandson around, it’s like a 2020 Norman Rockwell painting.

Q. So is cribbage one of your hobbies?

Yes, my husband and I play a lot, we play cards and we play Cribbage. I grew up with cribbage. It was a game that my dad played, my grandparents played and it’s simple. It’s fun. It travels easily. And it’s become a family tradition. This is the perfect time to stay home. You know, enjoy home and games like cribbage. We’ve been in this pandemic lockdown for quite a few months and it’s nice to have a tradition.

Q. What is something you try to do every day?

First thing every morning I try to get up and walk even before I turn on the computer. A nice walk clears my head but I will admit that usually I’m taking a phone call or doing something while walking. It’s just a great way to start. I’m not a coffee drinker, so I down a nice glass of ice water, milk or a diet Coke on a really bad day, just to get the juices flowing.

Q. Is there any new hobby or anything new you started since the lockdown?

Yes, I have become the queen of “do it yourself”, remodelling. We have had some remodelling projects, painting projects, and some craft projects. I am an expert at fetching a ratchet wrench and have become an expert with a cordless drill. I’ve taken on some projects, and Pinterest has become my thing. I love to get ideas from there. Getting engaged with some of my new projects has become a big thing for me. A lot of them, obviously, are husband and wife projects.

Q. Can you remember what your very first job was?

Yes, that’s easy other than babysitting for neighbors. My first real job with a paycheck was at McDonald’s. I was the fry girl, the French Fry Girl. Imagine what I smelled like every night. And that’s where I met my husband. We were high school sweethearts and therefore the golden arches are part of my story. Unfortunately, I still have to tap myself into McDonald’s once in a while for a Big Mac.

Q. If you could try another profession other than the one you have, what would you want to do?

I love fishing and I would love to be a fishing guide if I could. For any type of fishing excursion. If there is fishing and or a boat I am there. I love to take Orvis excursions, because they have great excursions, and I would love to be a professional fishing guide. I love it when we go back to South Dakota which is where I’m from, and I love river fishing and anytime that we’re on the coast It’s always a lot of deep-sea fishing. River or deep-sea it’s all great. I would love to be more proficient with fly-fishing. It’s actually very frustrating for me because with fly-fishing you can see the fish but it’s a hard thing to get the fly right in front of their nose and if you do, they still won’t bite. I’d love to be better at that.

We spend a lot of time at Ambergris Caye, Belize, it’s one of the fly-fishing capitals of the world. Although, despite my love for fishing, I have an extreme fear of sharks, and so I’m always wondering what am I going to pull in?

Q. What would be your favorite comfort food, meal, or cuisine?

Soup. I love to make soup. And my family loves my tomato scallion soup. I make a pretty good mushroom rice soup. What’s better for taking a cold chill off than a nice bowl of soup?

Q. What message would you send to the Siinda community?

Well, today is the beginning of Hanukkah for all of our friends that celebrate Hanukkah so Happy Hanukkah, and just to everyone else just wishing everyone a healthy, happy, safe holiday and a very Happy New Year. I think we’re all looking forward to 2021 and certainly hoping to get to see everyone in 2021 so just be safe and healthy.