Why Integrity Matters


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In this episode, we talk about why “Integrity Matters.” We delve into the power of integrity in today’s business landscape, exploring the importance of maintaining honesty, ethics, and transparency in all aspects of business. From building trust with customers to foster a culture of accountability within teams, we uncover the ten essential strategies behind integrity with real-world examples that highlight the impact of integrity on success. The interview with today’s guest, Jeffrey Klubeck, author of “The Integrity Game,” will inspire, inform, and empower you as we navigate the principles and practices that drive integrity and bring remarkable results.

Speaker Information:

Jeffrey Klubeck, Founder, Author, Coach and Professor. Jeffrey is a now un-retired Professor of Communication and author of The Integrity Game®, which is evolving into a comprehensive soft skills development company. As a world-class coach, Jeffrey has worked with entrepreneurs and high-performance teams in 13 countries across 4 continents. With humor-laced insights on ethical leadership and topics on appreciation, how to gain respect, conflict resolution, internal accountability, and drama prevention, entrepreneurs and leaders will learn about Jeff’s secrets to inspire and motivate an entire company. He is also the founder of Get a Klu, Inc., which provides productivity and accountability frameworks for small/microbusinesses and solopreneurs. Get A Klu, Inc. is a boutique “soft skills” company dedicated to improving high-performance results for individuals, teams, and businesses. It is the parent company of The Integrity Game, LLC, a comprehensive Personal/Professional Growth Model.