Where is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Today?


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Since May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has harmonized the rules on the processing of personal data, both private and public, across the Europe. Similar regulations have since popped up worldwide, with the US following suite with similar regulations like CCPA in California and regulations in most of the 50 US States. One of the unique aspects of these regulations, especially the EU’s GDPR is it is not only directly applicable in all EU member states but anyone who does business in the EU. While the data protection laws give users new rights and control over their data this poses a huge challenge for businesses. All processes must be checked to ensure that they comply with the regulation because any violation can cause a serious fine of up to €20 million or 4% of the firm´s worldwide annual revenue, whichever is higher. In this episode we talk with Daniel Johanssen, CTO of Usercentrics on how data protection and consent regulations have developed since 2018, and what the new landscape looks like and how SMB’s are adapting to GDPR legislation.

Speaker Information:

Daniel Johannsen, the CTO at Usercentrics. Usercentrics is a global market leader in the field of consent management platforms (CMP) enabling businesses to collect, manage and document user consent on websites and apps to achieve full compliance with global privacy regulations while facilitating high consent rates and building trust with their customers. They work with companies such as Diamler, ING, Santander and many more companies in 100 countries helping them achieve privacy compliance. Daniel has worked tirelessly since 1999 as a dedicated pioneer in online information technology. He has been influential in changing the direction of the internet economy towards consent and transparency, leading the industry towards greater balance of data privacy and data-driven business. In 2012, Daniel founded and created Cybot, the creator of Cookiebot Consent Management Platform (CMP), which merged with Usercentrics in September 2021. At Usercentrics, he leads the technology initiatives behind the company’s vision to build a world where user privacy enables a thriving digital ecosystem.