Web Accessibility – Why your business should pay attention to this


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We live in an undeniable digital world where most of the global population are active web users, and the pandemic has been a contributing factor to the increasing inactivity. The internet is being used for communication, staying social, working from home, learning, entertainment, and shopping. When you consider these trends and consider that in the US and the EU, it is estimated that 15% of internet users have some disability that hinders their full use of a website, it is time to ask ourselves how we can make the web more accessible? When we see a handicapped parking place, a ramp or brail in an elevator, we do not think about it, but, when it comes to accessibility on the web, we forget about it. In this episode, we speak with the CEO of a platform that powers 1000’s marketing agencies. One of their missions is to help every business understand how vital web accessibility is.

Speaker Information:

Itamar is the CEO of Umbrella, a platform powering the sales of 1000’s of small marketing agencies in the US. Among Umbrella’s solutions is Website Accessibility by EqualWeb. Itamar is also the founder of Umbrellalocal.com a fast-growing agency brand with 60+ locations in the US. As Umbrella’s CEO, Itamar enjoy’s a unique access to SMBs marketing technologies and how they behave in real-world sales efforts. Before Umbrella, Itamar was the founder and CEO of Appforma (acquired by Algomizer: ALGO), an Automated Marketing Platform for Small Businesses. Appforma was one the first ever Facebook Innovation Competition awards and was one of the first PMDs.