Understanding SEO – How to make sure your company is seen online!


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SEO— another acromion we hear all the time and use it in a verity of ways, but you can’t fully appreciate the value of SEO without an understanding of what it is. SEO really is. It’s the complex practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through search engine results. The goal of SEO for business is to generate organic traffic—by allowing searchers clicking through to your website from a search engine results page (SERP). Simple right? Not really. It is very complex and most small businesses, although they may think they get it, really do not. Most online experiences begin on a search engine, making search the most used digital tool, and is why it is important that small business do get it right, and very often they need help. In this episode we explain how SEO works, what the key elements are and how one company helps SMBs get it right.

Speaker Information:

Aaron Presbury is the Director of Partner growth at Boostability. He joined Boostability in 2012 with 10 years of digital marketing and e-commerce experience. Boostability is the global leader in white-label SEO for SMBs. LaunchPad, Boostability’s proprietary technology platform, powers an SMB SEO platform built for scale, affordability, and value. Tracking over 2.3 Million keywords per month, Boostability makes decisions based on millions of bits of data, enabling us to get 86% of our customers on the 1st page of Google in 6-9 months. Before Boostability, no company provided affordable SEO at scale for SMBs. Over the past decade, Boostability has championed the SMB and grown to provide SMB SEO to more partners and satisfied customers than any other provider in the world. Serving in 15 countries and 9 languages, Boostability is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed online. Prior to Boostability, Aaron was co-Founder and CEO of Limebloo, an e-commerce consulting and marketing agency. Aaron launched and operated 11 e-commerce stores in highly competitive industries, directing all revenue efforts from email marketing to paid marketing, traffic generation and returning customer transactions. Aaron grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit, washing cars in England and enjoys traveling with his wife and 4 kids, running extreme relays, and relaxing in the sauna!