The new consumer hybrid model – combining digital & physical


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Suppose you ask people what they’re most excited about as life begins to normalize after Covid. You’re likely to get a range of answers: a trip, a family reunion, a dance party, a favourite restaurant. But, of course, most people want to be “in-person” again. But ss people start to get out and about, the question we pose is what will happen to the virtual life we have become accustomed to over the last two years. Will digital services drop across most industries? We, as consumers, have picked up a lot of new habits in the last 24 months; will they stick? What will happen to industries like restaurants and food delivery? Have they forever changed, or will consumer behaviour return to a “pre-pandemic” norm? As the world opens up and consumers have more choices, are we moving to a hybrid model, combining pre-pandemic preferences for physical channels with digital channels? In this episode, we talk with a company at the forefront of digital change in a country that has long been the head of the digital transformation, France.

Speaker Information:

Rahul Chauhan is currently leading the Global Channel and Strategic business for Partoo an Online Reputation firm operating in 5 offices globally and with customers in 100 + countries. Rahul primarily comes from a Digital Tech background and have previously worked with organizations like IBM and Ringcentral to scale their business globally. He is passionate about the digital tech that impacts customers’ daily lives. The motto that he lives by today is – No point in building a stunning house when people cannot find it in the first place. So, your customer’s journey starts with your business discoverability!