The importance of Customer Feedback – Beyond Ratings and Reviews


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The voice of the customer plays a critical role in today’s competitive markets. It does not matter if it is customer feedback on a product, service or individual; when companies do not get feedback, they cannot improve customer satisfaction and may lose their competitive edge. The other key factor is that people who leave feedback expect something to happen. Again, it does not matter if it is a call, e-mail or note, but people like to know they are taken seriously. As a result, businesses are in a never-ending quest to find out what customers need and deliver it accurately hoping to meet customer expectations. Our guest in this episode has found technology to help customers give feedback more consistently and easily while giving businesses data that they can use to ensure companies meet their customer’s expectations and have a positive customer experience.

Speaker Information:

Our guest today is Adam Alfia, a serial entrepreneur, and the Founder & Managing Director at Realtime Feedback. Realtime Feedback is an award-winning customer engagement platform that allows customers & employees in your stores/venues to communicate with management easily & instantly. By using smart QR codes, customers/guests & employees can easily let management know not only about issues and concerns as they happen, but also employee accolades as well as recognition. Adam is a big customer service nut and can’t stand when companies deliver a sub-par experience. He hopes that Feedback will help companies learn more about customer experiences as they happen and give them a chance to correct the issues. Adam Alfia graduated from SMU in only 2.5 years on an academic scholarship. Adam started a European auto repair shop, motivated by a business plan project assigned by his professor. Within five years, he expanded the auto repair facilities to four locations and sold them all in 2005 for $7.5m, paid out over three years. In 2010 Adam secured a national contract with Infiniti, the auto manufacturer, to include the personal assistant service on every vehicle they sell. Since then, his company Maestro has grown to include Nissan, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, and Subaru. Along the way, Adam has launched a successful chain of restaurants called Shell Shack. Adam has 6 kids and was involved in over 25 businesses, and enjoys snowboarding, exercising, and traveling like crazy.