Service as a Business Model – Why this is a Growth Opportunity


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B2C deals directly with the end consumer and the end consumer operate on emotions. B2B deals with companies, and they mostly use logic. There are apparent differences in how B2C and B2B companies engage, interact with, and serve their customer bases. Still, when consumer expectations rise in B2C companies, the B2B companies need to step up. End consumer expectations have risen over the past years, and since March 2020, they have exploded. The customer journey is no longer linear. It is 360-degree never-ending customer experience, that has changed how B2B companies need to deal with their customers. B2B companies need to apply the same customer experience and personal service that consumers expect from B2C companies. In this interview, we look at some market research that reflects how B2B companies must adapt their products and services to meet their customers’ changing needs and, in turn, the end consumer.

Speaker Information:

Matt Matergia is Mono Solutions General Manager and VP of Sales in America and has a long history of success in digital services. . Mono Solutions, is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Mono Solutions empowers small businesses with best-in-class marketing technology like website, eCommerce, email, and online booking. Mono is the white label technology behind hundreds of thousands of small business owner’s websites and online business models in Europe, the US, and Canada. The Mono technology is re-sold by local digital marketing providers across the world.