Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future with Futurist Rohit Talwar


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Rohit Talwar opens his new book with a statement that says it all: “An Incomplete Past and an Uncertain Future” Rohit says that “The world has run out of adjectives to describe the shockwaves caused by the pandemic and the damage it has done to lives, societies, businesses, economies, and entire nations” Somewhere along the way we not only ran out of adjectives but we stopped predicting when things would go back to normal. If you think about it, in May 2020, we all hoped normal would be by September 2020,,then we convinced ourselves all would be OK by February 2021. , Finally in May 2021we realized we are living the new normal. But not all is bad. Rohit Talwar says that” during this continuing global pandemic, we are also witnessing a level of innovation and positive change that most have never experienced in our lifetimes.” Good things are happening, and in this episode we are look at what is happening and what it means for our future and the future of the next generation.

Speaker Information:

Rohit Talwar is a global futurist, award-winning keynote speaker, author, and the CEO of Fast Future. His prime expertise lies in helping clients understand and shape the emerging future. He has a particular interest in how we can create a very human future by putting people at the centre of the agenda. He is the founder of Fast Future a research and insights business that specializes in the fields of futures and foresight. Fast Future explores and experiments with creating various future ideas and scenarios to deliver critical insights to the individuals and businesses that want to consider and create a better future. He is also a noted author, co-author and editor. some of his publications are: A Very Human Future: Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World The Future of Business: Critical Insights into a Rapidly Changing World from 60 Future Thinkers The Future Reinvented: Reimagining Life, Society, and Business Beyond Genuine Stupidity: Ensuring AI Serves Humanity His newest books are: Aftershocks And Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future. May 2020 And Aftershocks And Opportunities: Scenarios for a Post-Pandemic Future Part 2 , October 2021 All hi books are available on Amazon