Remote Work-How to manage Freedom, Flexibility and Focus


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In this episode, we explore the impact of the global pandemic on the workplace, with a particular focus on remote workforces. While only 6% of people worked from home before the pandemic, this number rose to 35% in May 2020 and is now at around 38%. Despite this increase, 44% of companies still do not allow remote work. We examine the benefits and challenges of remote workforces and discuss strategies for managing them effectively. Our goal is to provide insights into the future of work, shaped by various changes affecting the workplace and the dimensions of organizations.

Speaker Information:

Tamara Sanderson, the co-author of the book Remote Works: Managing for Freedom, Flexibility, and Focus, is the ultimate playbook for managing remote teams. She is co-founder of Remote Works, an organizational design and consulting firm with a mission to liberate teams from the nine-to-five and teach them how to do their best work anytime, anywhere. Along with Ali Greene, Sanderson has spent two decades in distributed workplaces: Greene as the former director of people operations at DuckDuckGo and Sanderson as the director of strategic partnerships and corporate development at Automatic. Throughout their joint career history, they’ve worked in varied environments, including big tech (Google), startups (Oyster, LivingSocial), creative agencies (IDEO, Undertone), and management consulting and private equity (Oliver Wyman, Audax Group).