People – One of the key success factors for company growth


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A company’s greatest asset is its people. It does not matter how innovative your product or services are; the people who stand behind the products and services interact with the customer and continue to innovate to move a company forward. In March 2020, as companies struggled to move their workforces remotely, employers also faced “The Big Quit”. As a result, many companies struggled to retain employees, but those companies that forged a collaborative and flexible culture thrived. In this episode, we look at how one company in the digital marketing/technology sector shifted their workforce, developed a great company culture and rose to the top of its market segment by encouraging employees to contribute and collaborate.

Speaker Information:

Sandy Lohr, CEO of MatchCraft. MatchCraft provides a best-in-class advertising platform that enables companies to successfully sell and manage search, display, and social campaigns for their advertisers. Unlike other advertising technology platforms, MatchCraft’s platform AdVantageTM helps organizations efficiently manage campaigns of all sizes, enabling clients to deliver results to their advertisers. MatchCraft is a fully remote company with team members across the US, Europe, Mexico, and India. Sandy Lohr is an experienced CEO who is passionate about the ongoing success of the local business ecosystem. Under Sandy’s leadership, MatchCraft has developed award-winning solutions for resellers and agencies across the globe. The acquisition of MatchCraft by Vendasta is a stellar example of Sandy’s leadership and focus on growth within the local ecosystem.